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Most Popular Arcade Games Ever

There were many kinds of games in the past which people love to play but those were not so many in numbers. Now those games are known as arcade games which people also love to play nowadays. Here I am going to tell you some most popular arcade games like run 3, and pacman, slope, much more which you love to play again and again. You can play these games online on many websites.

Donkey kong:
Donkey kong is one of the most popular arcade game which people love to play again and again. It is also a very interesting game for children as well as for elders also. In this game, you have played like a hero and your duty is to free a beautiful lady from a cruel monster which is known as donkey kong. It is not so easy as you have to pass through many hurdles, difficult paths and so on. If you win this game, you will get a chance to marry the beautiful lady as a reward.

Q*bert is also an amazing and interesting arcade game. It is the game of old times when there was not so the trend of playing games. This game was developed and published by Gottlieb in 1982. It is a 2D action game. The graphics of the game are so amazing that you will play this game even the whole night.

Pacman unblocked is the game which is a most popular game among all people as it is so easy to play this game like kids of small age can also play this game easily. In this game, you have to eat white points. fruits, vegetales and also ghosts to get some handsome bonus. In the early stages of the game. if you hit the ghost, you will lose the game but if you become stronger by getting some handsome points then you can ghost as well.

Crazy Taxi:

It is also an interesting arcade racing game in which you have to race with other cars and many other cars will block your way but you have to play this game in an active mod by jumping over other cars to win the race in given time. If your time over you will lose the game immediately. It is also a flash game which you can only play if you have adobe flash player to be installed on your browser. It is an endless fun to race with other cars on road and win the race by getting handsome points. To play this game is very easy as you can play this game with only arrow keys to move and space bar to jump over cars. You to press up key as quickly as you can. As if you increase the speed of pressing up key the speed of the car will also increase automatically.

Although thousands of arcade games are present online on many websites these are Some most popular arcade game which is also most popular nowadays. Hope you will enjoy these games so much as you can play these games in just one click.